Contests, in which the winner is selected, are competitions of intellectual knowledge or skills and not through chance. You can require a purchase as part of the entry process, unlike Sweepstakes in which "No Purchase Necessary" is a standard mandate. As such, each contest requires that specific rules and criteria be observed by which contestants can be fairly, honestly and adequately judged.

These individual skills can be displayed in any one of the following examples:

Intellectual – writing a song or a jingle, composing a themed essay, taking a special photograph, creating a new recipe, etc., each requiring a degree of intellectual talent and/or skill.

Personal attribute – this may include having "the most beautiful hair," the "prettiest eyes," even something like "most weight lost", requiring a unique physical/personal attribute.

Sports ability this could include kicking a 50-yard field goal, making a half-court basketball toss, longest drive or a hole-in-one attempt on a golf course, etc.

We work with our clients to think through the entire Contest structure, which includes:

  • Writing of Official Rules
  • Development of contest entry / judging criteria
  • Contest entry collection (online and off-line)
  • Review of contest entries (photo, essay, video)
  • Official judging panels
  • Affidavits of Eligibility and Publicity / Liability Releases
  • Prize fulfillment

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