It’s the core of our business
Sweepstakes are giveaway promotions where purchase is not required in order to enter. These generally generate the largest volume of entries through basic random draw, programmed learning/qualified entry (answering basic product related questions), and automatic entry (coupons, credit card, usage, telephone, etc.).

At Compliance Sweepstakes Services®, we assure:

  • Complete legal compliance and official rules
  • Winner affidavits and releases
  • State filing and registration
  • Surety bonds
  • Issue required tax forms
  • Errors & Omissions indemnification of up to $1,000,000

It's part of our job, and responsibility to our clients, to stay abreast of changes in the area of promotion law and sweepstakes legislation…on both a national and state-by-state basis. That's why we work with the best promotion law attorneys in the business, attend industry-sponsored promotion law conferences, and are actively involved in trade organizations such as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Brand Activation Association (BAA).

  • Legal advice and counsel
  • Writing of Official Rules
  • Online programming & hosting
  • Contingency Insurance
  • Procure surety bonds*
  • State registrations/filings*
  • Surety bond/state clearances*
  • Provide PO boxes/"mail-to" addresses
  • Winner selection/confirmation
  • Create/Fulfill Winner's List requests
  • Procure Affidavits of Eligibility & Publicity/Liability Releases
  • Procure/Warehouse/Drop-ship prizes
  • Issue IRS 1099 forms
  • Data entry

*Generally, only required in the states of NY & FL, when prize pool is over $5,000.
Also required in RI, if retail stores are involved, and prizes are $500 and over.

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