Cash is the number one prize that catches people’s attention. So why not feature a $50,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000 cash prize in your next promotion ... at only a fraction of the cost?

Your promotion that incorporate a big cash prize can help break through the clutter and set you apart from the numerous "oh-so-boring" kinds of sweepstakes and contests that are often seen on a daily basis.

We deliver the resources, experience, security, and fast payment, critical to a successful promotional campaign.

Compliance Sweepstakes Services® will show you how insured cash prizes are implemented, by using our professional financial underwriters to create a program that has a degree of "insurable risk", and depending on how the program is structured, will absorb the risk at a flat rate to the sponsor ...generally at a maximum of 20% of the cash prize being offered.

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Insured Prize Programs

Insured Prize Programs



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